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Welcome to Limitlessness.Audio which offers One Self Teachings audio/video recordings from channelers Story Waters and Roger Hanson. Explore our featured special offer and the many free inspirational samples throughout the store. Our integration with Bandcamp offers you unlimited re-downloading and streaming of your purchases. Questions?


The StorySun Shows (Save 30%/$30), The Abundant Reality Focus (Save 25%/$30),
The Bridge of Consciousness (Save 40%/$32)


The Self-Creation Seminar, Class Three - Infinite Love, 20/20 Communicating Across Unconsciousness
Spoken Energy 2
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FEATURED & NEW RECORDINGS - full listing below

The Self-Creation Seminar

- New Release -
10+ hours Los Angeles
May 2015 Seminar

A potent mix of powerful messages & inspirational ideas to rebirth your sense of self.
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The StorySun Shows
- Featured Recording -
Save 30% Now $70
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Over 13 hours of multi-dimensional future explorations.

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Class Three - Infinite

Are you ready to
experience love
without agenda?

Infinite Love - Story delivers one continuous message across all three sessions - include video of part one.
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Being A Pioneer
In An Asleep World

An advanced exploration of living within the polarity of conscious-unconscious - a 15-day course delivered in 2015.
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The Earth Consciousness Reports

- Special Offer -
Save 40% Now $48
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The Bridge of Consciousness contains 25 recordings (28+hours) covering most aspects of The One Self teachings and is essential listening for fans of the work.
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The Spoken Energy
Series follows every
message (remastered)
from the beginning.

Over twelve hours of inspiration & contemplation - featuring never-released seminar highlights & all new reflections.

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Available albums:

The Spoken Energy Series - this is the Definitive Story Waters
Collection covering all spoken messages from the beginning.
Spoken Energy 1 Spoken Energy 2

The One Self Teachings Classes (latest - currently recording)
Class One - Creating Humanity: the Gift of your Life. Class Two - The Holographic Self Class Three - Infinite Love

Foundational Recordings
The Bridge of Consciousness Law of Attraction 101 The Messiah Seed

Perspectives with Seth Shows - 36 Shows available recorded 2015-2016.
Perspectives with Seth - Shows 1 to 12 20/20 Perspectives with Seth - Shows 13 to 24 Perspectives with Seth - Shows 25 to 36

Popular Seth Recordings - also see Perspectives with Seth shows above.
The Seth Experience The Remarkable Retreat Awakening to the Dream World

20/20 Courses - Powerful 15 or 22 Day Courses featuring a daily recording.
20/20 Abundant Reality Focus 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition 20/20 Practical Channeling Amplification
20/20 Communicating Across Unconsciousness 20/20 The Mastery of Beliefs 20/20 Seth on Inner Senses

Adventures in Consciousness Series - Zero to Five - Advanced broadcast series.
The Fyre Death Walk Adventure 1 - Channeling Master Class Adventure 2 - Bridge to the Universal Gameboard
Adventure 3 - Deconstructing Reality I Can Create Anything The Awakening Codes Amplification

Other Albums
The-StorySun-Shows Awakening Into Freedom Consciousness Los Angeles 2014 Seminar
The Freedom Exercises The Creative Spark The Earth Consciousness Reports

The One Self Teachings Library Collections - 10+ hours - $7 each.
The One Self Teachings Library Volume 1 The One Self Teachings Library Volume 2 The One Self Teachings Library Volume 3

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